How did we get here?

LEGO, the mega-behemoth toy company and defender of all things wholesome, will soon be releasing an official set of Junkrat and Roadhog. Yeah, that Junkrat and Roadhog, the murderous Aussie psychopaths that everyone knows and loves from Overwatch.

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For the record, I’m totally here for this. I still collect LEGO from time to time, and I’ve got D.VA and Reinhardt chilling on my work desk. I am totally and completely pumped to buy this new set, but at the same time, how on earth did we end up in a timeline where LEGO is making Overwatch sets? I don’t know how it happened, but here we are, with two new Overwatch sets releasing on October 1st: Junkrat/Roadhog, and everyone’s favorite death hamster, Hammond (AKA Wrecking Ball).

LEGO junkrat and LEGO roadhog
The full set also includes a Junkertown display piece, which can be seen here.

LEGO and Overwatch

This wouldn’t be the first time that Blizzard and LEGO have joined forces; earlier this year, the latter released their first wave of Overwatch sets, which can still be found on store shelves. The core cast of the game are dispersed across these sets, and if you splurge on ’em all, you’ll have minifig versions of Tracer, Mercy, Winston, Reaper, Soldier 76, and more. Furthermore, in a bizarre turn of events that absolutely no one expected, LEGO has collaborated with Blizzard to launch a “Brick Bastion” event, where you can score a legendary LEGO skin of everyone’s favorite turret robot.

LEGO, for those who don’t know, has always been pretty anti-violence. Their prime directive is to make kids happy, foster their imaginations, and provide them with wholesome experiences. While they’ve dabbled in themes such as cops and robbers, medieval castles, and space warriors, they tend to avoid themes that are inherently violent or overly realistic. This is the reason why you haven’t really seen any LEGO sets based on actual wars, or other mature themes.

lego hammond AKA lego wrecking ball
If having a LEGO killer death hamster was ever on your wishlist, congratulations, you’re in luck.

Overwatch is certainly “cartoon violence” and can’t reasonably be compared to a more gritty series such as Call of Duty, but it’s still a series about a bunch of characters shooting each other with guns. Despite its cartoony nature and Teen ESRB rating, it still comes as a surprise that they’re so openly embracing a partnership with Blizzard — especially since the company has been reluctant to licensing video games in the past. They’ve only broken that rule in recent years with Minecraft, which makes sense given that the latter is basically a video game version of LEGO.

Where to Find ‘Em

If you want to catch up on LEGO Overwatch before the first wave leaves shelves, head to your local retailer or find ’em online. Tracer and Widow are easily obtainable for less than $15, and I can attest to the coolness of the D.VA and Reinhardt set, which will set you back $40. The “main characters” of Overwatch are all included in the first wave, but it’s fun to see that new sets will be embracing more of the team.

lego overwatch sets
The first wave of Overwatch sets are still on store shelves, but could very likely be phased out soon.

I suspected that Overwatch would be a limited-run, but they’ve gone and surprised me with these new sets, and it’s entirely possible that they’ll keep it going. I, for one, would love to be able to own the entire Overwatch roster someday in brick form, so let’s keep ‘em coming, LEGO!

The new LEGO Overwatch sets will be available on October 1st. Roadhog and Junkrat will MSRP at $50, and Wrecking Ball will be $20.

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