The big expansion to Monster Hunter World, titled Iceborne, is here! Now that everyone has gotten ahold of their shiny new weapons to take down some shiny new monsters, the development team has turned over to working on post-launch content. We saw the first of it last week, with a sneak peek of the great ape Rajang.

This begs the question: what other monsters might they add post-launch? While there are so many monsters new and old that are making their way into Iceborne, there are still plenty of great monsters from the series that could make an appearance, so let’s take a look at some monsters that should make a triumphant return!

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Nerscylla: Shadow Spider

nerscylla monster hunter world

Let’s start with a bit of an odd one. Players who have only taken a crack at Monster Hunter World might not know that the games were not always just about large lizards and dragons; they had some pretty wild ideas for past games. Some of the most interesting monster types to fight were the large bugs and crabs, and one of the best monsters has to be Nerscylla.

This creature is a giant arachnid with poison and spikes everywhere; large mandibles, barbed hooks on its legs, massive back spikes, a stinger on its abdomen, all incredibly poisonous to even the most seasoned of hunters. If you didn’t have antidotes when heading off to fight Nerscylla you can kiss that sweet health regen goodbye.

What’s more, is that like most spiders, Nerscylla can catch you in its webs, leaving you vulnerable to further attacks or poison. If you’re really unlucky it may put you to sleep, meaning you’re even more susceptible to damage. All this is to say that you’d best be fully prepared when hunting down this giant spider. Having Nerscylla return to Monster Hunter would be great, not only because it would be an entirely new fight to learn, but it would also open up the door to more creatures like it. If you’re an arachnophobe then you might not want to play the game ever again, but for the rest of us, it’d be worth it.

Gore Magala: Black Eclipse Wyvern

gore magala monster hunter world

This would be another unique monster to add to the game, given the fact that this monster is classified as “???” rather than any known species. It really is unlike any other monster, even compared to those of the past games. Its wings can act as another set of legs, meaning this creature has six limbs that give it an eerie feeling. Its head is covered in armor, showing no visible eyes, and instead, it moves around by spreading its scales like spores on everything, allowing it to “see” terrain and other creatures.

The strangest aspect of Gore Magala, however, is that its scales also spread the Frenzy Virus, a disease that infects monsters and humans alike. In afflicted monsters, it enrages them past the point of being able to calm down. They’re much stronger, faster, and harder to kill, but will wear themselves out and die within a few days. Some monsters manage to overcome the virus and become even stronger versions of their normal selves, creating yet another type of subspecies that are now in the “Apex” state. The virus affects hunters quite differently, getting rid of their ability to heal any red health on their health bar and causing them to take more damage from frenzied monsters.

It might be tricky to include everything that Gore Magala brings to the table, but it’d be worth the effort. Imagine fighting an enraged Anjanath or an Apex-state Deviljho!

Seregios: Thousand Blade Wyvern

seregios monster hunter world

A Flying Wyvern? “Oh wow, it’s not like we don’t already have a billion of those,” I hear you say. Well, let me tell you right now that Seregios is not like the others. Already, you can see the difference when you look at its massive feet — giant talons created for shredding through armor. Seregios does just that, flying through the air at odd angles and swiping its feet at you with deadly accuracy. Watching this wyvern dance through the air as it tries to take you down is a sight to behold, at least until it manages to catch you.

The other unique feature Seregios that sports is its scales that flare up and ruffle around like a bird’s feathers. The wyvern’s entire body looks like an annoyed rattlesnake, and it can even shoot its scales as projectiles! There hasn’t been a Flying Wyvern quite like this one before, and it would be a welcome addition to World’s Wildspire Waste.

Lagiacrus: Sea Wyvern

lagiacrus monster hunter world

Lagiacrus was originally supposed to be in Monster Hunter World, as demonstrated by some prototype footage from a couple of years ago, but sadly the sea serpent had to be cut from the final game. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t make a comeback, however! This Leviathan is king of the sea and doesn’t mess around, in or out of the water. It slithers along the ground at a surprising speed for how short its legs look compared to its body, and its long neck is great for whipping its head around and snatching you with its jaws.

Lagiacrus’ true power comes from the spikes on its back, which help it generate and store electricity. Even when storing up early in a fight the monster can still explode in a fury, leaving a hunter stunned and vulnerable. As a fight drags on, it stores more electricity in its spine, and eventually, enough is stored for it to crackle around Lagiacrus’ mouth and body. It uses this power in a myriad of ways, from electrified water blasts to huge shockwaves the explode in a wide radius, lightning raining down from the sky.

All we need in World now is a stage with more water and Lagiacrus would be right at home, ready to smite any and all hunters.

Astalos: Electric Wyvern

astalos electric wyvern

Yes, another flying Wyvern, and yes, another electric one. Can you really blame me when all of the coolest monsters have electrical powers? Either way, this dragon is a doozy, stepping into the series as one of the Fated Four alongside Mizutsune, Gammoth, and another monster already returning in Iceborne, Glavenus. Its design is sleek, with wings that look more like a delicate insect’s rather than a terrifying dragon’s. Don’t let the wings fool you, though, as the rest of the monster looks tough as nails, covered in sharp, dark armor and wielding a massive horn on its head.

As it fights, it generates green bolts of lightning that arc along its wings and tail, that eventually explodes with energy, glowing and arcing wildly. Astalos divebombs hunters, creating massive shockwaves, and swipes with its tail and horn. It can even breathe lightning, leaving swirling pillars of voltage that can easily trip you up if you’re not watching. As an added bonus, the armor you can make from its body parts is awesome, and everyone loves a little bit of Fashion Hunter.


The Iceborne expansion is live for everyone to dive into, and I’ve already enjoyed wading in myself, with the brand new master rank making me feel like a new player all over again, discovering unknown locations and creatures. The next step is to see which monsters come next! I know I’d like to tangle with a Lagiacrus or an Astalos myself, to name a couple of my favorite choices. What are some monsters you’d want to see return in Iceborne? Let us know in the comments!

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