Spider-Man for the PS4 was one of the greatest superhero games ever made, thanks in no small part to the inclusion of so many references to the original comics. There were so many nods to the comic universe that any fan could find something to appreciate. Due to this success, a sequel seems inevitable, but who would make an appearance?

With the inclusion of so many villains in Spider-Man, some making much larger appearances than others, creating a more impressive list of villains seems difficult. There are plenty of villains Insomniac can put in a sequel though. Some of the candidates are fairly obvious, while others are a bit less so. In no order, here are some great villains who could be in the next Spider-Man game.

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Green Goblin

green goblin spider man
As one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains in both the comics and movies, Green Goblin is a no-brainer for the next game.

Let’s get the obvious answers out of the way first. We all know Norman Osborn’s alter ego, the Green Goblin. While Norman did appear in the original game, the Green Goblin was completely absent. Despite this, there is reason to believe the Green Goblin could appear in the sequel. Norman would be furious after the events in the game, and it’s entirely possible that this rage could consume him, transforming him into the psychopath we all know and love. It was hinted that he was doing experiments, and a serum that eventually drives him insane, per his origin in the comics, is entirely possible.


Whether it’s Eddie Brock or some other host, Venom is a must-have villain for the next game.

To be completely honest, anyone that’s beaten Spider-Man will be shocked if Venom doesn’t make an appearance. Venom is one of the most iconic, and possibly one of the most terrifying villains to go toe-to-toe with Spider-Man. Although Venom will probably appear in the sequel, there is little reason to believe Eddie Brock will be his host, despite him being one of the most famous hosts in the comics. Though it’s impossible to say who Venom’s host will be while he’s fighting Spider-Man, the ending of the game suggests Harry Osborn is his current host. Of course, Venom is entirely capable of changing hosts, given the opportunity.


sandman spiderman
Sandman could provide countless opportunities for unique game mechanics with his ability to transform into just about any shape.

A complicated man, William Baker, AKA Flint Marko, AKA Sandman, is a powerful foe when pitted against our wall-crawling hero. Sandman isn’t always the bad guy, but when he is, he shows just how damaging his powers can be. Sandman has repeatedly proven himself to be a worthy foe, and the ability to turn into sand definitely opens itself up to some new and inventive mechanics for a boss fight.


slyder spiderman
Slyde is a pretty obscure villain, but his emphasis on speed and slipperiness could make for a memorable gameplay experience.

Slyde may be a lesser-known villain in Spider-Man comics, but he has a very unique skill set. Jalome Beacher created a chemical that, when used to coat a surface, removes any friction experienced between it and any object touching it. Instead of creating the ultimate nonstick cookware however, he created a suit coated in the substance. Using this special suit, Beacher goes on a spree of bank robberies in order to fund his endeavors. Without friction to hold him down, he can travel very quickly and this prevents anything from slowing him down. Spider-Man’s webs won’t stick to him, and grabbing onto him is difficult because he can simply slide out of anyone’s grasp. These abilities make him very difficult to capture.


Because one goblin just isn’t enough.

After the Green Goblin was created from a serum which drove him mad, someone else became a fan. Roderick Kingsley was a millionaire fashion designer who built his empire through his ties to the underground. Already a disturbed man, someone who worked for him had found the Green Goblin’s secret lair. Kingsley killed this man after the information was relayed to him before he spent his time studying Norman Osborn’s journals. He became obsessed with goblins and the idea of becoming a costumed hero. Thus, the Hobgoblin was born. Kingsley developed a serum himself, but he didn’t want to suffer from the insanity that plagued Osborn. He created his own serum which allowed his strength to surpass the Green Goblin. Kingsley is intelligent, and just as dangerous as one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains.


Metal Gear Solid 3 already pulled off a Bee Man, so why can’t Spider-Man?

If you have melissophobia, look away now. Swarm is literally a Nazi made of bees. There is a skeleton on the inside, but Swarm’s main power is that he’s made of bees. Fritz von Meyer was human at one point. He worked as a Nazi scientist, and while studying killer bees in South America after World War II, he found a special hive. These bees were unusually passive, exhibited no fear, and were very intelligent. He believed radiation from a meteor to be the cause. After experimenting with these bees in an attempt to control them, they instead swarmed him, killing him. His consciousness somehow spread into the hive, and he became the living nightmare he is today.


chameleon spiderman
Avengers… assemble?

Dimitri Smerdyakov, the Chameleon. The first-ever Spider-Man villain, with the power to disguise himself as anyone he wishes. A classic villain, he would be a perfect addition to the next Spider-Man video game. The ability to disguise himself as anyone he wishes makes him incredibly dangerous. Infiltrating any organization he wishes with ease, hiding in plain sight, and so much more, his power opens up many dangerous possibilities.


jackal spiderman
Jackal’s cloning ability could provide for some inventive and exciting boss fights.

Science plays a huge role in the original game. Dr. Miles Warren, originally Peter Parker’s biology teacher, has studied cloning extensively. He was potentially always insane, but after some cloning experiments, he developed a new personality — the Jackal. The Jackal, a master in using clones to his advantage, torments his foes with clones of themselves, or friends of theirs. These clones usually quickly degenerate, but they can still be used to great effect. He holds a deep-seated hatred of Spider-Man due to Gwen Stacey’s death. Now, Gwen doesn’t appear in the original game, but giving him a new motivation wouldn’t be difficult. He has proven himself in the comics to be completely insane, but still wickedly intelligent.


gaunt spiderman
What good is a rogue’s gallery of villains if you can’t have a robot overlord?

Sickly as a child, Mendel Stromm became a genius scientist as an adult. He was caught embezzling from Oscorp, however, and was arrested. Wanting revenge, he sent robots after Osborn. Enraged, Osborn tried to kill him, but he seemed to die of a heart attack instead. He doesn’t die, however, his body is simply withered into a husk. When discovered to still be alive, he was revived into Gaunt, and given robotic armor. Eventually, he fully combined himself with a computer to gain the power to control robots with only his mind. A master of robotics, he can be a terrifying foe. His ability to create and control robots can be an incredible force.

The Punisher

the punisher spiderman
The Punisher could provide for some amazing storytelling due to his anti-hero status… with brutal boss fights to boot.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — “The Punisher isn’t a villain.” To which I say, sort of. The Punisher has consistently butted heads with other heroes based on his murderous attitude. Spider-Man specifically refuses to kill anyone, despite easily being able to, and he wouldn’t appreciate Frank Castle’s attempts to murder criminals. In the comics, our friendly neighborhood hero and the Punisher have gone head-to-head multiple times. Frank has proven himself to be a challenge to beat, despite his lack of powers. The reality is, the Punisher is a skilled fighter, and he cheats, so Spider-Man would have a lot of trouble fighting him in a traditional fight. However, Spider-Man’s strength and other powers can give him an edge against the powerless Punisher, so long as he’s smart about the fight.


Do you have other ideas about who should fit the villain bill in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to comment with your opinions.

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